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Central Texas Deer Processing

Here in ‘Cue-topia, Texas, we understand the pride in the best kills of the season. We also understand how much time and effort goes into post-hunt smack talking. So rather than waste your precious energy on meat processing, we recommend handing that deer over to us. That way we can transform it into a savory meal and you can get back to doing what you do best – popping beers and bragging to your buddies.

If deer isn't your bag, Meyer's still has you covered. We can process most large game. Check the pricing below for more information.

"When it comes down to taste, there is not a company out there that can match Meyer's smoked deer sausage. I won't take my deer anywhere else." - J. Tomlinson, Lexington, TX.

I’ve been deer hunting for over 30 years. I have eaten venison sausage made in central TX, south TX., Houston area and the hill country. The sausage I had made this year at Meyer’s was the best in texture and flavor that I have had." - M. Odom, Round Rock, TX.

The horns won't be the only thing you are proud of if you let Meyer’s process your deer.” - S. Hartman, Manor, TX

“I drove 2 hours from Houston, dropped off 2 deer and drove back. That’s how good the sausage is!" - M. Masera, Houston, TX.

Whole Deer Processing Prices
0-70 lbs.: $45.00
71-125 lbs.:$65.00
126-150 lbs.: $125.00
151 lbs. & up: $0.65/lb.
Cape mount $20.00

Skinning Deer
(Whitetail & Axis)

Skinning Large Animal (Elk, Mule, Nilgai, Fallow, etc.)
$40.00 (a
dditional $20.00 charge for Cape Mnt.)
Pieces with bone: $0.70/lb.
Boneless pieces: N/C

Skinning Extra Large Animal (Buffalo)

Grinding Prices
Hamburger : $0.95/lb. (includes beef tallow)

Chili : $0.75/lb.

Choose from Meyer’s world famous seasoning blends: Garlic, Sage, Original, Beef Season, Hot or Tejano. Prices include the pork

Pan Sausage : $2.55/lb.
Fresh Sausage : $2.75/lb.
Smoked Sausage : $3.15/lb. (Green Wt.)
Summer Sausage : $3.25/lb. (Green Wt.)

Dry Sausage : $3.35/lb. (Green Wt.)
Jerky : $6.00/lb. (Green Wt.)
Snack Sticks : $4.25/lb. (Green Wt.)

Add Jalapeño : $0.30/lb.
Add Cheese : $0.30/lb.

We recommend a 50/50 venison/pork blend for optimum flavor and juciness.

20 lb. minimum on all sausage items.
(Rest assured you get YOUR meat back)

Beef Plates : $2.05/lb.
Pork Picnics : $1.99/lb.
Pork 50/50 : $1.09/lb.
Tenderized : $1.25/lb.
Stew meat : $1.59/lb.

Bacon-wrapped steaks and hamburger: add $1.00/lb.

All prices include seasoning and vacuum packaging.

Customer will be notified upon completion. Product left over 30 days will become property of Meyer’s Sausage Company. A $25 deposit required on all items, and prices are subject to change.

All receiving at Meyer's Sausage Company only, located at 600 South Main St.


Receiving Hours (through Deer Season only)

Rifle Season:
Monday thru Friday 6 am - 8 pm
Saturday and Sunday 8 am - 8 pm

Before and after Rifle Season:
Monday thru Friday 6 am - 5 pm

Phone Numbers
Meyer’s Elgin Sausage - (512) 285-3331
Meyer’s Elgin Smokehouse - (512) 281-3331



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