Elgin Sausage Retail
Meyers' History

It all started way back in the late 1800s. That’s when Henry Meyer hitched a ride from Germany to the U.S., bringing his recipe for smoked sausage all the way to Texas. Then, around 1915, Henry taught his son, Rudolf Karl Georg (R.G.) Meyer the secrets of his mouthwatering sausage. Soon, R.G. was the hit of his friends, making up big batches of it for them every chance he got. With some prodding from his fans, R.G. was persuaded to start marketing the tasty sausage, and founded Meyer’s Sausage Company in 1949. With the birth of Meyer’s Elgin Sausage came the dawn of a new civilization: ‘Cue-topia, Texas. Why ‘Cue-topia? Well, as R.G. always said, “’Cue-topia is the perfect state of barbecue.”

The sausage was made without any fancy preservatives, and was smoked in the little smokehouse right there on the Meyer’s property. R.G. had great success selling his product locally, and figured he might as well sell to Austin and other Central Texas communities. This started the wholesale end of the business, which is now the largest part of the Meyer’s sausage operation.

In 1959, R.G.’s son, F.W. (Buddy) Meyer took over his father’s company. Buddy continued to build the family business, and Meyer’s sausage became legendary throughout the great state of Texas. Buddy tenaciously stuck to his family’s commitment to quality, and the company continued to grow.

Finally, in 1989 Gregg and Gary Meyer became the fourth generation of sausage makers to carry on the family tradition. Today, it’s still high quality meats, special blends of spices, natural casings and that hickory smoke flavor that make Meyer’s sausage so incredibly tempting. But most say the success of Meyer’s Sausage Company and Meyer’s Elgin Smokehouse is based on one not-so-secret ingredient: 75 years of family pride and four generations of tradition.

  • 1888

    Henry Meyer smuggles the family sausage recipe from Germany into Texas.
  • 1929

    Depression era sets in. Neighbors are forced to eat their brisket with no sauce for months.
  • 1949

    First sausage made at the Meyer’s Elgin Sausage. Celebrations continue into the wee hours of the night as ‘Cue-topia, Texas is born.
  • 1951

    The first “cumulus cow cloud” spotted over Meyer’s Elgin Sausage.
  • 1959

    Rudolf’s son Buddy takes over the family company and creates the first sausage-flavored breakfast cereal. (We’re still tweaking his recipe a bit.)
  • 1963

    Fightin' Sausageheads football team wins first of 16 state titles. Mayor of 'Cuetopia's milk cow barbecued for the team welcome home party.
  • 1968

    The first meat grinder-powered automobile rolls off a ‘Cue-topia assembly line.
  • 1989

    Gregg and Gary Meyer, fourth generation Meyer men, take over the family business. Before a packed lawn at Basting Brush Park, they pledge to always be loyal protectors of ‘Cue-topia and spread their savory smokehouse taste to people everywhere.
  • 1998

    Gregg and Gary open the Meyer's Elgin Smokehouse. They soon begin gaining national recognition for their tasty Texas BBQ.
  • 2005

    Meyer’s begins shipping their savory Texas briskets, sausages and sauces to barbeque lovers nationwide. Postal carriers with bloodhound-like noses rejoice.
  • 2012

    Meyer's starts shipping their famous BBQ pork ribs. 'Cue-topia, Texas council members unveil new city flag with "Ribs over 'Cue-topia" motif.