Deer Processing

Here in ‘Cue-topia, Texas, we understand the pride in the best kills of the season. We also understand how much time and effort goes into post-hunt smack talking. So rather than waste your precious energy on meat processing, we recommend handing that deer over to us. That way we can transform it into a savory meal and you can get back to doing what you do best – popping beers and bragging to your buddies.

If deer isn't your bag, Meyer's still has you covered. We can process most large game. Check the pricing below for more information.

  • I drove 2 hours from Houston, dropped off 2 deer and drove back. That’s how good the sausage is!
    M. Masera, Houston, TX.
  • The horns won't be the only thing you are proud of if you let Meyer’s process your deer.
    S. Hartman, Manor, TX
  • I’ve been deer hunting for over 30 years. I have eaten venison sausage made in central TX, south TX., Houston area and the hill country. The sausage I had made this year at Meyer’s was the best in texture and flavor that I have had.
    M. Odom, Round Rock, TX.
  • "When it comes down to taste, there is not a company out there that can match Meyer's smoked deer sausage. I won't take my deer anywhere else."
    J. Tomlinson, Lexington, TX.
  • Brilliant BBQ! Worth the trip from Indiana.
    A. Tremath, LaFayette, IN
  • It's good and I'm coming back!
    R. Sanchez, Kyle, TX
  • Best BBQ in TX.
    C. James, Humble, TX
  • I really liked your food. It was practically orgasmic! I hope to stop here again someday.
    J. Brand, Harper, TX
  • Good sleeping food. The portions were awesome and we enjoyed the pork steak. Will recommend to our friends and family.
    K. Clopton, Manor, TX
  • I love your sausage sooooooooooo much! I was born in Texas but raised in Wisconsin and every time I come home to Austin, I have to get some sausage. I think I will be stopping by the restaurant also. You may have to wheel me out of there in a wheelbarrow.
    D. Jackson, WI
  • I’ve been to all the barbecue places in Central Texas. Meyer’s clearly beats them all, no contest. Food is my business. Great potato salad and beans. Brisket is the best.
    S. Rodriguez, Maxwell, Texas
  • Great food. More than I could finish.
    M. Knowles, Manchaca, Texas
  • We were on our way back to Houston and stopped to eat. Good choice. The best barbecue we’ve had and at a great price.
    J. Lee, Pasadena, Texas
  • Fantastic food. Don’t change a thing.
    A. Deal, Buda, Texas
  • There is nothing to improve. I go to Elgin every year to visit family. I’m from California and I sure enjoy that sausage. I also bring some home with me. Keep up the good work and see you next summer.
    M. Johnson, California
  • Someone finally made a Mexican sausage (Tejano) I like and my stomach can tolerate. I love spicy sausage and my son loves chorizo so we tried some. Let me just say, I love this new sausage. It has just the right mixture of spices.
    E-mail, Texas

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