Motto: Barbecueous Continuous
Bird: Turkey with extra gravy
Tree: Kindling
Rock: The 'Cuetopian Briquet
Favorite Game: Spin the Vegan
Song: "Oh 'Cuetopia, the Beautiful"
Language: Pig Latin

Meyer's Sausage Statue
Built to commemorate the first sausage made at Meyer's Elgin Sausage in 1949.

'Cuetopia Clock Tower
This won't help you at all with the time, but it will let you know when your Meyer's sausage, brisket or pork is cooked to perfection.

Childhood home of the Legendary Gerard Meyer.

We love all our family, but we don't like to talk about Elgin's first and only vegetarian all that much.

Texas is all about BBQ and football.

Coach Raymond "Red" Cayenne became head coach for the 'Cuetopia Fightin' Sausageheads in 1962 and won his first of 16 state titles with this beloved team in 1963. Go 'Heads!

Most Popular Hangout
In 'Cuetopia, everyone loves to gather at Meyer's Elgin Smokehouse to chew up the juiciest gossip along with the latest sausage and brisket from the smoker.