Elgin Sausage Retail
Retail Market

Right in the heart of ‘Cue-topia and directly adjacent to Meyer’s Elgin Smokehouse Restaurant is our retail market. We feature our famous Meyer’s Elgin Sausage in five varieties of hickory-smoked sausage, original or jalapeño summer sausage, beef or turkey jerky, all beef snack sticks, smoked pork tenderloin, smoked turkey breasts, garlic or sage seasoned bulk breakfast (pan) sausage, and of course, Grandma Meyer’s BBQ Sauce. All of Meyer’s delicious smoked meats shipped to you are made at our sausage plant, Meyers Elgin Sausage, just up the hill from our restaurant.

Live outside of ‘Cue-topia? Meyer’s Elgin Sausage can be found all over Texas and from coast to coast.